mermaid Protein Shake

Here’s a recipe that’s sure to make a splash! The Mermaid Protein Shake recipe is made by layering blends of our shake mix with fresh fruit. And because it’s a nutritious, balanced meal replacement packed with the vitamins and minerals your body needs—there’s a lot to “shell”-ebrate! This shake is really something special, perfect for your themed mermaid birthday party or just because you want to make a splash with a tasty protein meal. Don’t let the name fool you, this is my husband’s favorite shake recipe.

Mermaid Protein Shake Recipe


2 scoops Strawberry Cream Shake
1/2 cup raspberries
1/2 cup blueberries
8 fl oz water
2 fl oz strawberry flavored water (Clear American, Walmart)
Desired Amount of Ice (4-6 large cubes)


  1. Blend 4 fl oz water, 1 ox flavored water, ice, 1 scoop shake, and blueberries.
  2. Pour mixture into the bottom of a glass jar.
  3. Blend 4 fl oz water, 1 oz flavored water, ice, 1 scoop strawberry shake and raspberries.
  4. Layer kiwi mixture on top of blueberry mixture.
  5. Mix all together if you have no time to layer. You can also replace the fruit with 1/2 scoop blue raspberry Hydrate. Enjoy!

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Hey everyone!

We’re back from holiday. We usually take Thanksgiving through mid-January off. (Psssst…you can do that when you have a thriving virtual health food franchise! Hit us up and we can show you how!)

Back to it now, I wanted to tag in real quick to leave you with a quick thought about obesogens! It’s a nasty word most people haven’t even heard!

We blame weight gain on eating too many burgers and burning too little fat, but scientists are discovering that the chemicals we’re exposed to every day are an enormous part of the obesity epidemic!

Called obesogens, or endocrine disruptors, these chemicals actually alter the regulatory system that controls your weight—increasing the fat cells you have, decreasing the calories you burn, and even altering the way your body manages hunger.

There are five MAJOR obesogens I’d like to discuss today.

Bisphenol-A (BPA)

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a synthetic compound found in many types of products, including baby bottles, plastic food and beverage containers, as well as metal food cans. BPAs structure is similar to estradiol, the main form of the female sex hormone estrogen. As a result of their similarities, BPAs bind with estrogen and wreak havoc in the body especially for females. BPAs have consequently been linked to breast cancer.


Phthalates are chemicals used in manufacturing to make plastic more soft and pliable. They are found in food containers, beauty products, paint, shower curtains, toys, and pharmaceuticals. Studies have shown that men are especially susceptible to phthalates. Like BPAs, phthalates are endocrine disrupters. They affect weight gain by inhibiting hormone receptors called PPARs. PPARs are involved in metabolism. Studies not only show the weight gain connection but specifically the increase of waist circumference and insulin resistance. As you know, insulin resistance further compounds unhealthy weight gain. One study actually found that phthalate metabolites in the blood correlated with type 2 diabetes!


Atrazine is one of the most commonly used herbicides in America. It has been banned in Europe for more than a decade due of groundwater contamination. Atrazine is also an endocrine disruptor that has been linked to birth defects in humans! Here in America, there is an overlap between the areas that use the most atrazine and the prevalence of obesity. Studies have shown atrazine to damage mitochondria in rats, decreasing their metabolic rate and increasing abdominal obesity.


Organotins are a class of synthetic chemicals used for many different industrial purposes. One is a fungicide called tributyltin (TBT). It is applied to boats and ships to prevent the growth of marine organisms on the hull. It is also used in wood preservatives and some industrial water systems. Many lakes and coastal waters are contaminated with TBTs. Tributyltin is harmful to marine life and has been banned by various regulatory authorities. In one test-tube study, tributyltin was found to cause the rapid fat cell growth and reduction in their production of leptin. In yet another study, tributyltin exposure for 45 days caused weight gain and fatty liver disease in mice. There is also evidence that in utero exposure to TBTs may increase the number of fat cells, which may promote fat gain!


Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a synthetic compound used for various purposes. It is an element of non-stick coating made with Teflon. It’s also found in microwave popcorn. PFOA has been discovered in blood samples of over 98% of Americans. It has been linked to diseases such as thyroid disorders, low birth weight, and chronic kidney disease. In a particular study, mice exposed to PFOAs while developing led to increased insulin, leptin, and body weight in mid-life. If you’d like to know more about this one, I highly encourage you to watch The Devil We Know documentary on Netflix!

Avoiding obesogens entirely is impossible in the modern world. However, there are a few things you can do to limit your exposure and also to detox your body of what you cannot prevent. Here’s what to do:

• Avoid foods stored or packaged in plastic containers
• Use stainless steel or quality aluminum water bottles
• Use glass not plastic bottles to feed your babies
• Use iron or stainless steel cookware instead of non-stick
• Use natural, organic cosmetics and household cleaning products
• Incorporate NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING into your health routine

Our nutritional cleansing system helps rid the body of toxins already stored in fat. This is also key in healthy weight management as the body stores toxic overload in fat cells. Toxic overload is the excess toxins that cannot be filtered and removed in a timely fashion by the kidneys and liver. In today’s modern world of toxin absorption via obesogens, wifi, cell phone, radio/tv waves etc, we are all in a TOXIC OVERLOAD scenario at all times. We are absorbing toxins at a rate faster than our bodies can naturally remove them. This is why it is nutritional cleansing is so important! For more information on nutritional cleansing, click here! 💪❤️💪❤️

Read 4 More Info On Obesogens👇🏼…

Yes, Your Fat is Toxic

By Michael Colgan, Ph.D.

Before we get started, I wanted to interject that Dr. Colgan has been a nutritionist to Olympians for over 50 years. He is also one of our health and wellness team members! Now, back to Dr. Colgan’s informative post:

From the annual reports of the American Lung Association, the North American urban environment is now the most toxic it’s been in history, puffing clouds of toxins more deadly than even during the Industrial Revolution (1). Most of the industrial chemicals and pesticides that have created this disaster are lipophilic, meaning they mix easily with fat—your fat (2).

Worst are dioxins, furans, polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated biphenyls (PBDs) and organochlorine pesticides. They also include plastic exudates like phthalates and bisphenol-A and aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Because most were deemed harmless when first introduced, they are everywhere (2,3).

PBDs and related flame-retardants and stain-proofers, for example, are used on carpets, furniture, mattresses, curtains, waterproof coats, shoes, gloves, even infant jammies. After a decade of effort, the environmentally responsible company, WL Gore, that makes Goretex, finally got the last of these chemicals out of its products in January 2014.  Many other companies seemingly couldn’t care less.

To avoid acute poisoning, your body removes the toxins from your bloodstream and stores them in your body fat. As the burden of toxins increases, it causes the body’s defence systems to makes more and more fat cells to store them (2-4). Without any change in food intake, you grow fat as a goose.

In 2006, Bruce Blumberg of the University of California, Irvine, first coined the term “obesogens” to describe man-made chemicals still widely used today in PVC products. Obesogens increase body fat regardless of diet. Blomberg showed that these chemicals caused a large increase in the body fat of mice independent of what they ate (3).

Ok…let’s pause right here to reflect…OBESOGENS INCREASE BODY FAT REGARDLESS OF DIET…👀…proceed:

By 2011, hush-hush scientific conferences convened by the National Institutes of Health identified numerous industrial chemicals in current use as obesogens. Regardless of even the most nutritious diet, they will increase your number of fat cells, and increase the size of your fat cells.

Wha?!?!?! 🤯

If you eat clean and exercise regularly, yet suffer from cottage cheese cellulite, Bispheno-A may be a culprit. Bisphenol-A reprograms your surface fat cells to hold more fat, until they finally burst (herniate) to make the unsightly bumps under the skin (5).

🙋🏻‍♀️ This was me! Since I started nutritional cleansing, I’ve had a DRASTIC reduction in the appearance of cellulite! Despite still needing to release quite a few more pounds to reach my goal health zone, the chunking is disappearing a little more with each cleanse day!

Fat cells require a ton of energy for the body to grow them. So obesogens also increase your appetite and food cravings (6). If you find all this hard to believe, look up my references or Kristina Thayer, Ph.D, Director of the Office of Health Assessment of the National Toxicology Program (6).

The high levels of obesogens in human breast milk of the majority of mothers provides ample evidence that you are carrying a lot of obesogens in your fat, right now, this minute, as you read (7). Because we don’t know how to care for our environment, human body fat in the US and Canada has become a potent store of industrial toxins that slowly leach out of the fat to cause continuous low-grade poisoning of blood, muscles organs, and brain.

By absorbing more unavoidable toxins daily, you also make more fat cells and bigger fat cells in the process, regardless of your diet. Now you know one big reason why many people who eat very clean all the time and work out regularly still carry an inch or more of fat all over their bodies.

You can fix this problem. As a constantly renewing organism, the miraculous human body is eminently cleanable. Regular cleansing routines stimulate the body’s superb cleansing systems in the lymph system, liver, kidneys, bile duct, and elimination organs to flush toxins from the body.

I favor the 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing System which emphasizes a high intake of clean water, intermittent food reduction, complete protein and micronutrient nutrition, and an alkaline regimen with effective botanicals. In independent peer-reviewed research at the University of Illinois at Chicago, this system, used for 12 weeks, resulted in a remarkable average loss of 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs) of body fat, while maintaining lean mass (9). These results are superior to most dietary systems tested.

Lead researcher Krista Varady, Ph.D., concluded, “The subjects showed better weight loss and better visceral fat loss.” Getting visceral fat and its stored toxins out of your abdomen in this way is far better for your health than merely losing weight. I know of no better way to stay nicely lean and keep toxins at bay, than this 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing System.


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