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For 16 years after giving birth to our two sons, I found the weight continuing to pile on and my unhappiness, with myself, growing. I was having a difficult time finding the motivation I needed to overhaul my life. So many things happened during those years that you’d think would create an urgency to lose weight — from secretly shying away from roller coasters at theme parks because I was afraid I couldn’t fit on the ride to refusing to fly in fear of having to request a seat belt extender or even worse…be told to purchase a second ticket. Neither of these things actually happened but I lived in fear of their occurrence any time vacations or travel came up. Finally at 43, I couldn’t walk around the corner on my block in the heat of summer without wheezing and sweating profusely. On top of this, I was beginning to experience diabetic neuropathy in my extremities and lumps under both arms. Along with these physical warning signs, I had that nagging voice in the back of my head saying, “It’s too late! You can’t possibly lose weight after 40.” I panicked! I literally began to pray every morning that God would lead me to a solution for all the boxes I felt needed to be checked in order to be healthy. Natural. Non GMO. Gluten free. No soy. Proper macros. Keto friendly. Convenient. Cost effective. The list kept growing as did my fear that such a system didn’t actually exist!

One day, a conversation with a friend changed everything! Our family was introduced to nutritional cleansing and the rest is history!In June 2018, I started my nutritional cleansing journey and haven’t looked back. In the first 30 days, I only wanted to focus on the nutrition habit so as not to overwhelm myself. “One change at I time,” I told myself. At the end of 30 days, I was 28 lbs lighter and 20+ inches smaller. My natural energy level shot through the roof as I consistently consumed all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed to activate my body. It’s truly amazing what your body is capable of when given the nourishment needed to get the job done. I realized the best weapon in the fight to regain my health was my body! Equipped with proper nutrition, it went to work righting the wrongs I had subjected it to through the years. At present, I have released over 80 lbs of fat and 50+ inches, increased my lean muscle mass exponentially, and work out 1 hour every morning during the week! I can ride coasters and fly without fear having shrunk from a 4X to an 1X and still going strong! This past year has zipped by and I’m enjoying life more and more everyday. I’ll be forever grateful to a friend who cared and shared!


(Richie) At 25, I began my fitness journey with P90X. I lost 50 lbs. I say lost because that’s exactly what happened. I lost 50 lbs but found it not far down the road. Why? The P90X fitness program was amazing and I still recommend it to this day for total body training. However, the nutrition aspect of P90X was tedious and time consuming. Extremely involved recipes for meals and snacks created obstacles to my success. The obstacles in the kitchen were limiting my results in the gym. I was able to out-cardio my nutrition fails temporarily but eventually the two-a-day cardio insanity had to come to an end. The lack of convenient, quality nutrition became the Achilles heal that resulted in my gaining all 50 lbs back and more. To add insult to injury, I was beginning to experience digestive issues due to stress and improper diet despite having lost weight. At 42 years old and 250+ lbs, I decided to once again engage in the battle of the bulge. Again, my issue was nutrition. I work for the railroad traveling a lot, eating out, and dropping $20 two or three times a day at convenient stores for toxic junk food. Meal prep in those days was abysmal. I laugh looking back. I started slashing calories basically and meal prep was “out of the can into the man” in my hotel room vs fast food and convenient store scavenging. I’m being transparent here because I know so many blue collar guys like myself who feel they have to embrace the “impossible to lose weight on the road” mindset. I also started a workout routine I could do every morning in my hotel room before work. I focused on HIIT for cardio and basic strength training. This coupled with the reduction in calories, even though the nutrient value was horrible, produced about a 15 lb weight loss. At this point, I began to get serious about nutrition incorporating our high quality protein shakes, bars, and performance line products into my routine. I’ve now released roughly 60 lbs! I’m building lean muscle faster than ever before and enjoying the process! Four months after starting the nutritional cleansing program, people everywhere were reaching out wanting to know how we had been able to transform our health in only a few short months time. Kim and I decided to take advantage of the business opportunity and 90 days later we hit 1 Star Golden Circle Crystal Executive and haven’t looked back! So much has happened all because we dared to care and share! When we help ourselves, we find moments of happiness. When we help others, we find lasting fulfillment. ~ Simon Sinek

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