Nutritional Cleansing

Nutritional cleansing naturally helps your body do what it naturally does!

“What is Nutritional Cleansing?” That’s a question we’re asked a lot on the Activate Your Body blog! Nutritional cleansing can be broken down into two parts: nutrition and cleansing. It’s the process of fueling your body with dense superfood nutrients while using natural detoxifiers to cleanse and rebalance your body. Nutritional cleansing has been transforming lives and setting the gold standard in the latest health trends, and there’s a reason why! Our affiliate health and wellness company has been specializing in nutritional cleansing since 2002 creating systems for maintainable health habits. What’s all the buzz about? Here’s what we’ve personally discovered!

Why Cleanse?

• Reset for your body
• Long lasting health effects
• Toxin removal
• Release stubborn (visceral) fat
• And so much more

A nutritionally supported, intermittent fast, cleanse day, is the perfect opportunity to rebalance your body and “start from scratch” while gaining dietary insight from leading physicians, nutritionists, and scientific research. When done right, cleansing out the body through a simple, convenient nutritional program can have seriously incredible and long-lasting health benefits. Think of it this way: When your engine oil becomes dirty, the car notifies you it’s time for an oil change to remove any impurities from the oil. This guarantees your engine will run smoothly once it “starts from scratch.” Now, consider your body as an engine and the nutritional cleanse as the oil change. Incredible benefits for us too, don’t you think?

Every day, we are exposed to innumerable pollutants in our environment. Whether it’s the food we eat (most of which contains genetically-modified organisms), the water that we drink, or even the things that we touch, we’re sure to be contaminated somehow. This can be pretty harmful and it can take a huge toll on our bodies; especially internally. Nutritional cleansing, is the solution to these interior pollutions. It purifies the body by removing unwanted toxins. It’s a win-win scenario: it gives your body the opportunity rebalance while also nourishing your body with incredible, better-than-organic products!

Where to Start?

If you’re interested in nutritional cleansing, we recommend the 30-day cleanse system, which is most effective when split between “shake days” and “cleanse days.” On the “shake days,” replace two meals with delicious shakes, which are less than 300 calories each and packed with 24 grams of high-quality, undenatured whey protein from happy New Zealand cows. These tasty shakes also contain the activated live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals needed for a healthy diet. Blend 2 scoops of the shake powder with 8 ounces of purified water and ice and you’re ready to eat in under 30 seconds. These super convenient, filling shakes facilitate lean muscle growth and help ward off unwanted carb cravings. In addition to the two meal replacement shakes, you should also have one regular meal on “shake days” ranging between 400-600 calories and two 100 calorie healthy snacks.

On “cleanse days,” you will use a detoxifying cleanse drink to maximize your body’s own natural detoxification process. The cleanse drink is available in natural, rich berry or peach mango flavors to keep your taste-buds happy. This product feeds and nourishes the body with more than 100 different nutrients including ionic minerals, antioxidants, and cleansing herbs. It also boosts mental and physical performance and protects your cells and vital organs from the negative effects of aging! To follow the cleanse day properly, mix 4 ounces of the cleanse drink with 4 ounces of purified water four times a day. It’s also important to utilize the cleanse day aids in the 30-day cleansing system. The natural accelerator capsules metabolize your body fat and are load with thermogenic ingredients such as cayenne, green tea, cinnamon, and ginseng. Another helpful cleanse day aid is the snack wafers which help your digestive system and assist in maintaining blood sugar levels during cleansing. One of my personal favorite cleansing aids are the chocolate squares which come in many flavors including milk chocolate with sea salt caramel, mint, and peanut butter cup. These sweet cleanse day treats help with mental clarity and the easing of sugar cravings. Lastly, it’s important to drink lots of water on cleanse days so your body continues to flush out all toxins as efficiently as possible!

Tips and Takeaways

• Many people think nutritional cleansing is the same as a colon cleanse, but it isn’t. This cleansing program is cellular cleanse of the blood, liver, and lymphatic system. It’s gentle and mild and activates your body to function more efficiently.
• “Will I feel hungry on cleanse days?” Thankfully, the answer is no. This nutritional cleansing system provides the body with the nutrients, organic minerals, and other ingredients that nourish the body during a cleanse so hunger pains are avoided. You can also add the delicious bone broth to your cleanse day routine. It comes in chicken or vegetable flavors and provides a filling serving of warm soup twice daily to your cleanse nutrition. Bone broth is loaded with collagen which retains and restores our skin, joints, muscles, and more!
• Nutritional cleansing products benefit weight-loss for those who are overweight by ridding the body of toxins stored in fat, building leaner muscles, managing stress, and improving energy and sleeping habits through and easy-to-follow system!

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